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When traveling, there is always the worry of what if something goes wrong. What if I need to see a doctor or my car breaks down? This is your guide on where to go or who to call if an emergency arises.

Doctors & Pharmacies

Photo of small beige brick building with large glass windows and doors. Sign saying Face Pace Health Urgent Care.
Photo of Sweetwater Hospital. Covered entrance with three-floor tower.
Photo of small red brick building with large white sign for Chota Community Health Services.

Dental & Orthodontics

Photo of two-floor tall white building with sign for Chance Orthodontics.
Photo of brown brick building with sign for Vonore Dental.

Auto Repair

Photo of blue garage with various trucks parked outside.
Photo of small white garage with trucks and SUVs parked outside.
Photo of metal building with large parking lots. Some trucks parked nearby.

Pet Care

Photo of sign for Monroe County Animal Hospital. Decorated with hay bales.
Photo of large white barn with bronze statue in front.
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