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Cycling Trails

Cycling in Monroe County may be associated with motorcycles but visitors who prefer peddle-powered cycling will be happy to know our county has plenty of places to explore on two wheels. Our friends at Tennessee Gravel have extensive guides for cycling in the county.


There are several important things to remember before you go cycling:

  • These are gravel and dirt trails.

  • These trails have little-to-no cell phone reception. Have a map and know how to read it.

  • There will be vehicles so be mindful of your surroundings.

  • If you are going to pass a horse, stop, get off your bike, and wait for the horse to pass.


The trails are in Hiwassee, Ocoee, and Tellico. They range from 8 miles to 130 miles with a variety of elevation gain.


Before you cycle a route, make sure you understand the length, layout, elevations, and terrain. Tennessee Gravel has a detailed map for each route.

In late April, check out the Deep Woods Gravel Grinder in Reliance. This two day event includes cycling through Cherokee National Forest, contests for coolest bike and best tan lines, as well as live music, food, beer, and camping. A similar event is held in late October for five days.

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