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Unicoi Mountains




The mountains we call home are the Unicoi Mountains. The name comes from the Cherokee word unega meaning "white" refering to the fog and low clouds. They are part of the Appalachian mountains, specifically the Blue Ridge. The range covers just over 1,000 square miles.


The highest point is Haw Knob which is 5,472 ft above sea level. The mountain itself is 192 ft tall. It can be reached via the Benton MacKaye Trail.

The highest peak on the Cherohala Skyway that can be viewed from the road is at Big Junction where it reaches 5,480 ft in elevation.

The Unicoi Mountains remain one of the most primitive, undeveloped areas in the eastern United States. Human habitation in the range's river valleys and deep hollows was never more than sparse, and while logging occurred, logging operations in the Unicoi area were not as extensive as in other forested areas in the region.

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