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Rafting & Canoeing in Monroe County, TN

If you are looking for a water adventure, you can enjoy the waterways of Monroe County on a canoe or kayak. To add to the fun, you can also go rafting! Looking for something in Tellico Plains, stop by Big Bear Tubing for information about using their ramp.

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This map by TWRA shows all public access sites to go boating.

For rentals and other supplies, check out Hiwassee Outfitters. 


The Tellico Blueway & Tellico Lake


Located along the Tellico River arm of Tellico Lake, the Tellico Blueway is a dream come true for flatwater canoeists and kayakers. At 11 miles, the Blueway is long enough for an overnight float, but short enough to paddle in one day. Much of the designated route follows stump-filled waters that are too treacherous for large motorboats, but ideal for human-powered watercraft. The entire 11-mile route is in Monroe County, in the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest. Just past the Big Creek Ramp put-in, the Tellico Blueway maintains a narrow channel as it feeds into the backwaters of Tellico Lake. Wild roses grow along the river banks, and, as the waterway gradually widens, you pass cattails and towering limestone bluffs with gnarled cedar trees clinging to the rock. The map of the Tellico Blueway can be found below:

Blueway map_edited_edited.png

Tellico Lake is part of a waterway that can take you anywhere in the world. The Tellico Dam was completed in 1979, creating a 15,560 acre lake. Swimming, boating, fishing, skiing, day use, and camping are allowed. Along the banks you will find the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum and the reconstruction of the original British Fort Loudoun. Tellico Lake and Fort Loudoun lake are connected by a canal making it possible to enter the Little Tennessee river and boat to 21 states, the Gulf of Mexico or the Great Lakes. Location: Vonore, TN.

Download full Tellico Blueway Map here

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